Custom Upcycled Bicycled And Found Metal Welded Wall Hanging

Custom Upcycled Bicycled And Found Metal Welded Wall Hanging


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All of my reclaimed bike parts come from scouring the recycling bin my local bicycle shop. I love to imagine that the coaster that holds my afternoon tea could have been made from the cog recycled from the bike of the cafe barista who served me my morning coffee. Embedded in these pieces are the miles and miles that this bike piece saw, it's part of its essence --- all the rides that the person took --- back and forth to work, out to Walden Pond, climbing mountains to raise money for charity--- all these different rides, all these human moments. Saturated in these pieces is the energy of all that movement, and its life continues, rooted in movement, and still living in an altered way.

This 3 dimensional wall hanging is made by welding together recycled bicycle cogs and chains mixed with found hardware (drill bits, screws, nails). Steampunk gears and micro fasteners are embedded into random cogs with non-toxic resin.

THIS WALL HANGING HAS BEEN SOLD but I can make a new one that resembles this one. Each wall hanging is one-of-a-kind and can be made to order according to your desired size and pieces.

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